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Company Name: Marsap Services Pvt. Ltd.
A marketing company which deals in Analytical Instruments seeks mechanism for quick quotation preparation with minimal human errors.

Marsap Services Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading instrument suppliers representing many principals in India with offices in all metros across India. TSQUARE feels happy to add Marsap as a 1st customer for its Quotation Management Software System. Now, both the companies work together on various projects.

Problem Description
Being a marketing company, Marsap needs to prepare almost 10-12 quotations a day and send them to customers either by courier or by an e-mail. Marsap used to follow typical quotation preparation process like copy previously sent quotation, do necessary changes in that, refer price list from worksheet, save it to a folder and send it to the customer.

Due to this copy-paste approach, Marsap was facing few problems like:

  Company was spending lot of time on quotation preparation and search
  Sales co-coordinator used to make mistakes and quotation review became kind of compulsory activity to avoid
    calculation errors

  Management of the company was unable to get information like number of quotations sent in a month, total number
    of enquiries received the company, customer wise quotations sent, etc easily

  It was very difficult to track enquiries received in whole organization

To give readymade solution that will reduce quotation preparation efforts with highest accuracy.

TSQUARE has studied Marsap's business practice of quotation preparation and offered solution which is having following features:

  Price list is incorporated into the system so that user does not need to refer price list in worksheet which reduces
    error ratio drastically

  Provided enquiry recording and tracking feature which is very useful to keep track of enquiries
  Fitted are routine processes of quotation management activities which helped to reduce time

Now, Marsap is using QMS at their head office - Mumbai. Following words by Mr. Gautam Rajan - Managing Director of Marsap are perfectly depicting advantage of QMS for them:

"Before using QMS, it used to take around 4-5 hours to prepare any quotation with 75 items. But with QMS, it now takes less than 1 hour for the same quotation"

Results & Benefits
Today, Marsap and their customers benefit from the streamlined quoting process provided by TSQUARE's QMS (Quotation Management System). Marsap is assured that necessary sales data is accurately captured and reported in the QMS. The company and its employees have been able to achieve the centralized control and consistency desired, while also delivering to sales a customized and easy to use quoting system ensuring that the sales teams spend less time processing their quotes and more time addressing the needs of the scientific and research communities.

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